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Monday, August 14, 2006

LIfe teaches painful lessons

After a week of absence, I'm back the office at last. Last week I went down with high fever and a huge carbuncle on my face that is very, very painful and anoying. I consulted with two doctors what happened with me and both of them confirmed that it was an infection brought up by shaving which I often do. It was the worst sickness I had for the past 3 years I guess. My fever goes up and down, in fact I chilled more than three times. The carbuncle covered half of my lower lip which made it very hard for me to eat or drink. After 3 days of medication, my sister's doctor friend decided that it's already developed and she can start draining the pus by pricking it. The amount of pus collected is too much that I consumed all the gauze on her clinic. I want to throw up now.....

Lessons learned: First, have your own razor for shaving. Second, use a shaving cream or any safe lubricant that will soften the hair prior to shaving. You need it so that you can avoid shaving the same area over and over again. Then do not forget to put after shave lotion or cream to avoid INFECTION and also for you to smell nice.. And if ever you get sick for whatever reason, make sure the one you love is right beside you... You'll feel better easier and faster, take that from me.



Friday, July 21, 2006

I got 8!!

I already got my IELTS result and I scored 8. Yipee!! haha.... Now what's next? I don't know, I just wish everything will just fall into its proper places and by that time I'll be very, very happy. :-)

Here's the result:


Monday, July 10, 2006

Patatas ako...

Yahu!!! I'm finished with the written part of the IELTS exam.. yes!!! One more to go, the speaking part, and that will be on Wednesday afternoon. Hope I can make it.

This joke made me laugh hard yesterday.

Nakatakas sina Erap, FVR at GMA sa mga terorista. Nagtago sila sa mga sako sa bukid.

Terorista #1: Ano ang nakita mo riyan?

Terorista #2: Mga sako lang! Tingnan mo ang laman!

Terorista #1: (sinipa ang unang sako)


Terorista #1: Pusa! (sinipa ang ikalawang sako)


Terorista #1: Aso! (sinipa ang pangatlong sako, nguniā€™t wala itong tunog, kaya paulit-ulit na sinipa)

Erap: (nasaktan) Putangina patatas ako kaya wala akong sound, mga tanga!


Friday, July 07, 2006

Wish Me Luck!!

What's with the title? Well, tomorrow is the first part of my IELTS examination. And I cannot describe what I am feeling right now. I have not been to this kind of exams before. I HOPE that I can overcome the pressure and PASS this exam, for this will clear up some problems I have.

Uric Acid. Total Cholesterol. This two measurements of a healthy lifestyle is giving me problem this days. Well I had my blood taken 3 weeks ago on a chem laboratory and they found out that I have high amounts of those two. What makes it worst is that the foods that you should avoid on one being recommended on the other. I took a second opinion from Medicare and they asked me to take the blood exams again. On the second test, the cholesterol level went down by few points and is on a normal level now, but the uric acid remains high. So now I have to take medications to stabilize my uric acid content. Bye peanuts, legumes, whole wheat breads, bean sprout.

I haven't been to the gym for a while. It's because of the tight schedule I have and I can't squeeze any time for it anymore. I hope next week will be fine and easy, so I can resume my workouts.

That's all for today, wish me luck.. Ciao!

Saturday, July 01, 2006


It's Saturday, and I'm still at the office, working. No choice, deadline is near and I'll be on leave next week.

Anyways, I'm always been a big fan of David Blaine, and I came across this video on the internet and it's totally shocking.

Do you still remember the soda drink named "Fanta" which came out around the early 90's? For those who are not familiar with it, it is a soda drink that comes in a variety of flavors: Lemonade, Apple, and a lot more. I wonder if it still exists in the market nowadays..


Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm (me) Back!

I arrived last Saturday from Putra Jaya, Malaysia where I attended a week-long training on an Ericsson PABX switch that we actually don't have. Waste of time? Nah.. It was a very rewarding experience. I met fabulous people and the place is very, very nice. The hotel where I stayed is interconnected to a theme park and a shopping mall. Cool isn't? In fact, I have no idea that Malaysia was that beautiful. When I was there I met and hang around with my Thai friends, Sonichai and Kulyot, a manager and assistant manager respectively of their company. The Australian trainor, Phil, was very informative and I learned a lot from him, some are related to the course, majority are not :-). I promised myself that I'll be back there for a vacation some other time. I got some pictures too.... :-)

The resort

Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel, at night

Man-made beach

At the training room, with Sonichai

The attendees.. Where am I?

Ang bida

Today, as I ready myself for another long day in the office, my cellphone alarmed and as I check it out, it was a reminder that today is the 1st year anniversary of my grandmother. It was exactly 1 year since I last cried. :-) So maybe later we will have a small get together with the rest of the family to solemnize her death anniversary.


Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Carpe Diem!

Whew! I have not visited my page for a soo long, for I have been busy with my job and my dream (the land of milk and kiwi). But now I think is a great time to update and to relax as well.

Early this day we went to Malacanang to meet with Peach's aunt, an assistant to the First Gentleman. We arrived there on time, but the PSG refused our entry to her office because both of us wear jeans and it was not allowed. So they just held us on the waiting area. She sent her assistant to facilitate our request. As we prepare a letter to the first gentleman, we were puzzled with the volume of people waiting in the Malacanang grounds. That is when we heard that Team Everest and Leo Garduce will be on the vicinity for the president will award them for their accomplishment. After a while her aunt asked us to join her in attending the awarding ceremony. Wow! I was thrilled for this will be the first time that I will see our beloved president GMA in person. The celebration was just short, then comes the photo-ops. Using my poor Nokia 6230 I took pictures of Madame President, Leo Garduce, Team Everest (I forgot their names, sorry), Peach and Mike Defensor, Peach with Jiggy Manicad and a lot more. I SHOULD have a picture with Dyan Castillejo, but Peach refused. I SHOULD have a shot with Leo Garduce, but my phone bugged and failed to save our picture. Maybe it's God's will, for it is his moment and if somebody else see his picture with me they might lose interest on him :-). After a couple of minutes we were able to get our request. We didn't have any idea that our simple plan of visiting her aunt will be this exciting!

On Sunday, I will be flying to Malaysia to attend a week-long training on a new PBX switch. But prior to that I have to accomplish an online training first, for that is what they say on the course syllabus. One problem is the access to the site is not yet available to us, and I only have 3 more days to study and be familiar with it. So hopefully I will be able to complete it before the week ends.

Time flies very fast. From this point forward will be the most crucial three months of my life. Make it or break it. I have to be focused, dedicated and determined or else I lose it all. I wish all the Gods to help me.